Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Top 10 strange things about animal

Animal world is huge, full color, diversity and the oddities. REALITATEA.NET youhave a top of the most curious animal-related information.Peculiarities of elephants 

The elephant is the only animal in the world that has four knees, but it is also the only one who can not jump. Elephant brain weighs 4-5lbs on average. A newborn baby elephant cântăreţte almost 100kg. Although they look like animals very slow and without skill, they are actually very mobile. Each elephant travels about 100km per day.

Pigs orgasm

Pigs have a great advantage to the people - the average pig orgasm lasts about 30 minutes.

Chameleon colors depending on the mental state

We know that the beautiful chameleons change color to blend into the environment. They, however, a change in mental status function. If you are afraid, hungry or cheated, become gray. Chameleon eyes move independently of each other.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open

Dolphins sleep with one eye open. If wounded, he called on others to help. The other injured dolphins is related to the water near the surface to breath easier.

Blue whale language

Language of a blue whale weighs more than an adult elephant. Besides the blue whale is the largest animal on Earth, is the most noisy. They are recognized as having the slowest and pulse of all mammals - 9 beats per minute.

Owl and her head

Instead of moving their eyes, the owl moves its whole head.

Rats, forced to chew all the time

Rats are forced to chew incessantly. Down their teeth grow incredibly fast, which puts them in danger, because they could găurească mouths.

Scorpions extreme

A scorpion can live a whole year without eating and glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. Another highly-interesent and can live up to three weeks frozen.

Mosquitoes annoyed dinosaurs

It seems that the mosquitoes are on Earth for so long that even bite them on the dinosaurs.

Penguins drink salt water

Penguins do not need fresh water. They can drink salt water to ocenului, because they have special glands in the body that separates salt water.

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