Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Top 5 most bizarre things sold on eBay!

Curious oddities on how many people would be able to give money? Then take a look at the article below!

1. Potato-shaped ... penis. 

Price Index: 0.99 cents 
Price: $ 11.52 
Description: "A crazy potato shaped like a penis. Weird and funny." 

2. Hand man in the jar. It is not known exactly what kind of hand it's ... 

Index Price: $ 25.99 
Price: $ 35.99 
Description: "A single human hand. Contains jar. Fun." 

3. 25 photos of beautiful feet. 

Price just: $ 7.99 
Description: "socks I've seen now have the opportunity to view and feet that are in them. There's something in your collection. My legs will turn your engine instantly sexy." 

4. Bondage Latex Mask. 

Price of home: $ 15 
Price: $ 62 
Description: 100% Latex, handmade, available in other colors. 

5. Alien baby. If you have a strange child, certainly would enjoy this gift. 

Index Price: $ 4.99 
Price: still open to bids 
Description: "This auction is for a baby toy extraterstru. Bizarre, I know, my kids put him in the basement of fear. The little spotted back, do not ask me why." 

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