Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Top 10 strange things and less known about the pregnancy and birth!

About some things that happen in pregnancy talk more about others less or not at all.
Find out ten things interesting and less known about the pregnant woman's body, but also about the baby she carries it in her tummy!
1. The longest pregnancy - 375 days
That means a year and three days a week. Although he spent so much time in the womb, the baby was born weighing only 3.2 kg.Typically, pregnancy lasts, on average 280 days.
2. A male fetus can have erections in the womb
In fact, babies of both sexes masturbate in the womb, but only boys can be "trapped" in fact, with the sonogram.
3. Perineum during childbirth may break
9 of 10 women in need of medical care in the perineum after birth. In some cases, the perineum is only slightly affected, in others it can "break" simply. There is a type of massage and exercises to strengthen the delicate muscles in that area, which reduces the risk of "breaking" the perineum, not remove it completely. Many doctors practice episiotomy during childbirth - women who give birth vaginally - a small incision in the perineum, which is then sewn and heal in a few weeks.
4. Enema, a nice gift for medical staff assist you at birth
During birth, the woman has no control over bladder or the sphincter muscles to push very hard that the baby over her as she prepares to go out in the belly. Therefore, an enema is more than welcome. If there is no time for it, does not make a drama out of it - certainly saw many doctors and midwives in their lives.
5. Pregnant shine, literally
To say that a pregnant woman glows with joy and happiness, is a common expression, but a fact based on real as possible. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in the body increases by almost 50%, which makes mothers cheeks to be rosy all the time. In addition, pregnancy hormones make the skin more smooth.
6. Capacity increased sense of smell works
During pregnancy, women are very sensitive to odors. Sense of smell, and taste that is amplified. Nature endows thus pregnant women with the ability to distinguish even small amounts of toxins that, if an adult is not harmful, can be dangerous, even fatal for the baby.
7. Contractions do not stop after birth
Most mothers will have contractions a few days after birth, as the uterus returns to its original size. Abdominal cramps have another role, but: to stop excessive bleeding after birth.
8. No need to eat for two during pregnancy
On average, a pregnant woman only needs 300 extra calories as long as he has a baby in her tummy. That's the equivalent of yogurt and bread rolls in a addition to regular meals. Most women gain weight only 12 pounds during pregnancy.
9. The legs can grow to a size of shoe
This has to do with the fact that the foot has to bear a higher pressure during pregnancy. Normally, the foot returns to its original size after birth, but if too high, change can become permanent.
10. Father may have symptoms of pregnancy it
Surprisingly, his father can gain, may have morning sickness and even stomach pain, in solidarity with the mother. It's not a joke: This condition is called "load of solidarity" Couvade syndrome. (Source: ProTV)

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