Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TOP: strange things sold at exorbitant prices

1. Toilet bowl - $ 1,500
What is so special? He belonged to John Lennon, who told the architect that wants to keep the ship for use as flower pots, after he bought a new one. Recently, it was auctioned. It is unclear whether as a toilet bowl or pot.
2. Edward's scissors - 16,000 dollars
At a Christie's auction entertainment objects appeared and Edward Scissorhands scissors, which were sold for no less than 16,000 dollars, although organizers expect them to get about $ 5,000.
3. Dentures - 23,000 U.S. dollars
Prosthesis was worn by Winston Chrurchill, caare suffered terrible pain of the teeth and gums.Originality and design of the prosthesis are typical factors that decisively helped Churchill at his famous speeches and calls to national radio.
4. Dress U.S. $ 1.26 million
The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang "Happy Birthday" President Kennedy, in 1962, broke the record at Christie's auction house in New York, was purchased with the $ 1.26 million Gotta Have It company! Collectibles. One of the owners of the company later said that he feels it is "bargain of the century, we have assessed it at $ 3 million."
5. Collection of meteorites, $ 1.4 million
At first glance look like some stones, but that space is made that they are sold for this astronomical sum. Meteorite hunter Rob Elliott is, therefore, why thank his lucky star. And sell only 170 meteorites from his collection which numbers over 1,000 rocks from space.

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